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Sometimes homeowners have questions or concerns about who is accessing their home and when.  These are normal concerns, and it's ok to ask them of your REALTOR.  Our home is our castle and you have the right to know who is coming and going and when they are to be accessing your home.

The real estate agents that belong to the Central Alberta REALTORS Association all use what is called a Supra i-Box to hold the key that will access your home.  The protocol that typically gets followed is an request from an agent to show your home is made to the listing agent/brokerage.  Once that consent or "ok to show" is given the buyers agent then accesses your home using the key in the lock box.  The lock box can only be open with a specific "e-Key" that is registered with our association.  The e-Key user has a unique registered key and pin number to them to open the box.  Furthermore it can only be accessed during the hours of 9 am and 9 pm and can be further restricted as needed by the listing agent. 

These i-Boxes also also have the ability to store the information of the last 100 accesses, and provide a log indicating which key was used to open.  This combined with the association registration and active user information we can then identify who accessed your home and the time.  This is a great peace of mind from the old days of lock boxes that required a old metal key to access, and certainly more secure than leaving the key in the mailbox.

Today real estate agents are not the only users of the e-key that can ipen those i-Boxes.  Appraisal companies and Home Inspection companies may also be registered with our association and pay for the use of a key as well.  Again these users are registered with the association and their access can be logged as well.

So to summarize, the key is held in a secure i-Box with the ability to track which user has access. Only registered users have access and you with your listing agent have the final say as to access.

The Broker,

Patrick Galesloot


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