Why You Shouldn't Have An Open House

The Open House, should we have one or shouldn't we.

I've been asked that many times usually along the lines of "Do you do Open Houses?  Our last agent said they are a waste of time".  Usually I state that yes we do host open houses but they are not mandatory.  You may choose to have them as part of our services or not.  At that stage I still may get a puzzled look.

Reasons for not hosting an open house:

  • They are a tool for us REALTORS® to find buyers. 

Well yes, this is true.  We are trying to find a buyer for your home though first and foremost.  In the event that your home is not a fit I will offer to find them a home that is.  Don't have an open house if you would like to reduce the number of potential buyers through your home.

  • Most houses are not sold from an open house

Yes this is also true. However, some do.  I repeat some DO.  You could eliminate that as a strategy for finding a buyer for your home.  If that is 1% or 5% of the buyers in the market place can you afford to eliminate those buyers? In today's market place having a strategy that attracts buyers from a multitude of sources is better than a narrow approach.

  • Most people that go to open houses are looky Lou's or tire kickers.

No, not necessarily.  While some maybe tire kickers today the fact is open house buyers are at different stages of the buying process.

In the end you can always find a reason to NOT do an open house.  Whether or not it's due to bad weather, a long weekend, concern of nosey people etc...  If you don't want to have one then don't.  However, don't let the opportunity to have one slip by without careful consideration.  In today's market there are more listings than buyers.  As sellers and seller's agents we have to work harder to attract buyers so they can have the opportunity to consider your home.

You can view our open houses this weekend at www.reddeeropenhouse.com

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