A Few Hints to Get Ready to List your Home

So you have decided that this is the year to sell your home and move on to something that better fits your current life style.  Good for you.  To help you maximize your potential for a sale in a timely fashion and for the best price, here are a few tips:

1. Clean. Like your grandmother used to clean.  Absolutely spotless.  This makes potential buyers comfortable to be in your home.  If it's messy then the buyer will wonder if other things have been let slide.  (If you have kids - good luck with this part.)  Also, no potpourri.  Many people seem to be allergic and often they wonder if you are trying to hide the smell of something else - like mold.

2.  Speaking of messy, the next thing to do is declutter.  Remove all unnecessary items to give your home it's best chance to show off size.  This doesn't mean emptying rooms, but if you have too much furniture in a room, it can look small when it isn't.  Get things out of hallways, stairs and other natural traffic areas.  If you have a large collection of porcelain dolls, pack them away.  If you put items in moving boxes stacked neatly out of the way, no one is offended.  After all, you are moving.

3.  Next do the minor touch-ups and repairs.  Small dents in the drywall from a stray hockey stick, claw marks from the cat and so on.  This is the "spit and polish" stuff.

4.  Remove all the wall paper you can.  Borders are ok, if in good shape, but wall paper equals work and possibly divorce to a buyer.  Freshen up the paint in any room that is tired.  Neutral colours only please.

5.  If it's still winter when you list make sure the driveway and all walkways are well cleaned and not slippery.  Nothing puts off a potential buyer like falling down and breaking a hip on the way into your house. It doesn't hurt to leave out some summer time pictures as well so that a buyer can see what is under the snow. If the snow is gone, tidy up the yard, mow, touch up flower beds, cut dead limbs off trees and so on.  If you have a deck and it needs painted or stained - do it.

In most cases these small items are more work than money, but they will pay off by reducing the time you need to sell and will help increase your final selling price.

If you are thinking aboutselling this year I would be more than happy to help.  Contact me anytime. 

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