Entrepreneur Expo Workshop

Yesterday the City of Moncton, along with several local business partners held an Entrepreneur Expo Workshop at the Hotel Beau.  It was quite an event, attracting many people who are now business people and others that are looking to start their own business.

I was asked to speak about what a REALTOR can do to help you find and buy a business or to start one from scratch.  This was a good opportunity for me to wave the flag, so to speak, as many people forget that REALTORS that work in commercial and business properties have knowledge that is invaluable to entrepreneurs looking to start up or expand. 

REALTORs follow trends in the city, know what developments are coming, where the good locations are and what is needed in the area.  I stressed in my lecture that people shouldn't be afraid to start something new.  Moncton is diversifing slowly but surely, and new comers to the City bring new needs that often are not being met. Identifiying these and acting on them may be the key to a successful start up.

So if you are out there wondering if becoming an entrepreneur is something you might like, get in touch with me.  I have worked for myself most of my adult life and I have been involved in the sale of a number of businesses so I can give you some direction or help you to clarify your thoughts.

Paul Burns

Paul Burns

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