First real snow of the season!!!!!!!

Good Evening Metro Moncton.  How about that snow?  You would think it was November in the Maritimes.

I have a bit more on the article in Canadian Real Estate Magazine about Moncton being a "safe haven" for real estate investment.  Things like slow, steady growth in our market, low unemployment, reasonable housing prices (ave mls price $157,000 +-) and a very good quality of like are all plusses for us.

I would like to add some other great things.  We are developing an arts culture with things like the Internationally known Young Company of Danceast, our new professional Ballet Company, our very successful, and wonderfully refurbished Capitol Theatre are all examples of this.  Add to it some really great entertainment downtown, some extremely successful summer festivals and a growing diversity in our ethic culture and resturant offering make it a great place to call home.

I tried the Pink Sushi on Main Street today.  It's been open several months but I never got the chance to try it out.  It was excellent.  Ten years ago, a place like that wouldn't have survived here.  Now we have Indian and Thai cuisine, some great Italian restaurants and of course, outstanding seafood.  Most of these are easily accessible for lunch and supper - many within walking distance of downtown.

Also, we have startedthe Greater Moncton Immigration Board whose job is to assist immigrants findservice providers for their needs or to lobby for these services if they don't currently exist.  it is all focussed towards helping new-comers to the City feel welcome and needed.  By the number of HELP WANTED signs posted around town we can really use an influx of capable people who want to work.

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