Good Customer Service

Make a person happy and they will tell three friends.  Do an outstanding job and they may tell five.  Do a poor job and watch them go nuts!  They will tell everyone they know and all 5000 of their social media friends, many they have never met in their lives.  So in my world, good customer service is a must for repeat business.

However, is just telling a customer what they want to hear "good customer service"?  I don't think so but telling a customer what they need to hear versus what theyu want to hear is often a terrific way to make certainn that this customer is never raised to the lofty position of  client status.

I have seen many REALTORs take on over priced lostings because they don't want to have the hard converssation with the customer.  I've done it myself but I really try not to. Overpriced listings rarely sell and waiting for that "Buyer from Toronto" doesn't work either.  That buyer is an urban myth.  In fact it's sometimes the opposite. Sometimes the buyer from Toronto thinks houses here are very cheap since they have heard the myth from the other angle.

So what is good customer service?  Here is what is means for me:

      1.  Provide accurate data to my client so they can make a good decision;

      2. Put their needs ahead of mine and sole their problems for them;

      3. Provide advice through every step of the buying or selling process;

      4. Write proper contracts that keep them out of trouble;

      5. Minimize their worry, stress, and aggrevaion

When I manage to do these things I have happy customers.  If you would like to become one of my happy customers contact me anytime.

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