Happy New Year

I am spending part of the afternoon of New Year's Eve here in the office.  It is a great way to examine last year, and establish personal and business goals for 2011.  There is no one here, my wife is at work, no requirements to be home - my daughter is in NF, one son is at work earning some more cash for next semester at University and my other son has already returned to UNB.  Both cats are sleeping in the sun and my daughter's Beta fish, Admiral Bubbles, is fed and content as well.  All Daddy chores completed.

For me 2010 was a good year personally and business wise.  I finished my term as President of the Greater Moncton Real Estate Board and started my term as 1st VP for the New Brunswick Real Estate Board.  I finished the manuscript for another book to be released in late January with any luck.  As an industry we were able to put all the Competition Bureau controversy behind us and can move forward again so I have very little to complain about.

Next year I will be adjusting my business model a bit more to make me more efficient and goal oriented.  Now that my children are all in University, I have more control over my time and a lot of motivation to make money as the demands of three in University is not to be taken lightly!  However, I do acknowledge how lucky I am to have three children capable of getting professional degrees, and they have promised me they will ensure i get in a good nursing home when the time comes.  I can't ask for more.

I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday and a successful and healthy 2011.  Just by living in this area we are already so much ahead of so many people who were born in places where going to bed hungry or afraid or both, is just a way of life.  If you can, try to do something in 2011 that will make someone less fortunate than you have a better day.  You'll find that it lifts your spirits and makes your day a bit better too.

Paul Burns

Paul Burns

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