More Great News for Metro Moncton area

To go along with the several top 10 finishes we have had from Canadian Businesses "Best Places to do Business in Canada" surveys, we now have been honoured by the Canadian Real Estate magazine as one of the Top 5 Safe Havens for Real Estate in Canada.  The other in the top 5 were Victoria, Winnipeg, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Barrie.  No other city in Atlantic Canada finished in the top 10. 

This is just more evidence that life in our area is pretty darn good and we don't want to get preoccupied by the media's "doom and gloom" reporting.  In the last 6 months I have been lucky enough to have a trip to Miami/Fort Lauderdale and recently to Orlando.  On both of these trips I observed lots of construction everywhere.  There is a ton of money being invested in real estate and it is full speed ahead.  Of course, the sub-prime mortgage fiasco has left a lot of victims in its wake, but the media often focusses on the bad side only. 

So Metro Moncton, keep yer chin up and get out there and look for deals.  Contact Century 21 Countryside and meet with a REALTOR who will put you into the perfect property for your needs.  There is money being made everyday and you might as well have some too.

Paul Burns

Paul Burns

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