More Great News for Moncton

It just keeps getting better and better.  Recently the Intelligent Communities Forum (ICF) released its short list of the Top 21 intelligent communities in the world.  Nearly 400 communities were in the selection process, including 18 from Canada, and Moncton was chosen to be in the Top 21.  Pretty impressive I think!  Hats off to Ben Champoux and Dan Babineau of the City of Moncton for their hard work on this project.  Now they're working on Phase 2 of the competition which will see the list shortened to 7.

Louis Zacharilla, ICF co-founder was quoted as saying," The ingenuity of these communities is exemplified in their investments in the future of the young, the growth and progress of job creating businesses and economic security.  An overarching theme of the 2009 honourees has been the dedication to putting people first and building a 'talent inventory' that will thrive with technology and innovation."

Some of the other cities on the list were:  Albany, NY; Edmonton, Alberta; Malta; Manchester, England and Stockholm, Sweden.

The Government of Canada has release its labour market survey for the end of November.  It shows that, year over year, Moncton has increased its full time jobs by 3700 and the SE region is up by 5700 jobs.  This dropped the unemployment rate in Greater Moncton by 1.3%.  Currently 75,100 people are working in Greater Moncton - a record.

Finally - a really big hug to Sue Stultz for exceedig her goal in the 11th annual Turkey Drive for the Food Bank.  Her goal was 3384 turkeys and she collected 4177 birds.  One her first drive she asked for 800 and received 1071.  A super round of applause to the citizens of Greater Moncton who ALWAYS come out and do the right thing when it really counts.  No wonder I like living here so much, and you don't - you don't know what your missing. 

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