More good News for NB

An interesting article landed on my desk a few minutes ago from Yahoo News.  Headline is "Canada's jobless rate jumps to 6.6%; economy sheds 34,400 jobs in December."  Whoa.  More bad news all around.

However, once again, once you read farther, you see it really isn't as bad as it seems - for us.  New home construction starts are down in the larger cities so jobs were lost there (Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary).  Oil industry is slowing down because no one wants to work with $50 a barrel oil. Job losses there (Alberta). Notice how NB or Moncton is not mentioned?  Maybe a few Maritimers will move home to help us with our labour shortage.

In fact, NB was the only province in Canada that recorded a drop in unemployment from November to December.  NF held their own and everyone else went up.  So we are doing OK.  It looks like another big year of commercial construction with many big projects already started.  That helps to keep people working ang working people buy things like cars, major applianceas and, my personal favorite, HOUSES!

Life is exciting in Metro Moncton, so get out there and enjoy it.  Go shopping, do lunch, watch the Wildcats win another game, buy a house.  It's all good.

Paul Burns

Paul Burns

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