NAR is a great conference again

I am down in San Diego attending the National Association of REALTORS (NAR).  They have an amazing set of speakers and the seminars are very diverse.  I really enjoy these sessions as they allow for some excellent opportunities to network with REALTORS from all over the world since there is a large International contingent here as well.

Once again Social Networking and the use of new technology in your business model were the main topics.  I picked up some great ideas which I will start to impliment when I get back.  The concept of the virtual office and a paperless office were examined as well.  I was surprised how much you can get through Google when you know where to look.

My wife and I came a couple of days early and took a bit of vacation.  We spent one day at the San Diego Zoo which is incredible - over 4000 animals. I saw several animals I have never seen before.  San Diego is a very pretty city with an excellent harbour.  Several of the Navy SEAL units are based here as well as part of the Pacific Fleet. 

The San Diego Conference Center is a beautiful building and sits where Alonzo Horten's wharf used to be.  He was the original developer of downtown San Diego.  He was a really smart guy.  He made the the city blocks one quarter the size of a typical city block which gave him 4 times as many corners and these were what merchants would pay more a premiem price for..  Made him a very rich man - one of the wealthiest in California at the time.  His wharf was 3000 feet long and I think the Convention Center is too.  Check out the pictures below.

 This is one of the corridors in the complex.  This would be about half the length of the entire building - and it's two stories high.

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