Remains of first politician discovered!!!!

Archeologists working on a dig in Ottawa have discovered 10,000 year old bones they believe could be the remains of the first politician.  See picture below. 

As I watch what has been going on in Ottawa this past week or so, I don't think much has changed.  Except of course our dollar has dropped 3 cents against the US dollar and the TSX is down 800 points or so since the 3 Amigos got started.  Good recovery plan guys.  You all deserve a big(Bronx)cheer for this one.  I know, let's have another $350,000,000 election.  At least the sign makers get to have a good Christmas that way.

However, we Atlantic Canadians are used to silly things happening in Ottawa and try not to pay much attention

to their shenanagins.  The best part is that they say its "all for the good of the Canadian citizens".  Boy they will really have a hard time finding a cabbage truck big enough for 30 million Canadians to fall off!

So, life is still good here.  Get out enjoy the fact that you are lucky enough to live in the best part of the best country on the planet.  Be brave and go to Champlain Mall on a Friday night, or to Costco on a Saturday morning.  Most imortantly - try to have a little fun.  Life is too short to take it seriousily.

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Paul Burns

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