Small businesses are in big demand

As our population grows, especially with the number of new comers to the county coming in through the New Brunswick PNP, we are seeing an increased demand for small businesses.  One of the issues facing us is that small businesses, while in the price range of many perspective buyers are set up such that the owner works in the business and is not a manager.  So, if you do not have the skill set to work in that field, there isn't enough money to be a manager, hire additional staff and make a profit.  So, that being said, we need a wide range of small businesses to try and fill the needs of these newcomer to the City. 

Under the PNP newcomers need to buy a business.  Many get discouraged and end up moving to the larger cities which is a great loss for our community.  Not only do we loose a young family, who have a great work ethic, are very smart and usually have young children, we also loose the ethnic diversity these people bring to the city.  Metro Moncton has many new shops and restaurants operated by newcomers to our City and it is great.  We now have Thai food, Indian food, Sushi, Mongolian stir fry and many more types of cuisine that we never had before. 

So, if you own a business and are considering selling it, please give me a call.  All information will be kept strictly confidential and we will market your business with as much , or as little advertising as you choose. 

Paul Burns

Paul Burns

CENTURY 21 A & T Countryside Realty Inc.
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