Times they are a changin' - Bob Dylan ( I think)

Yes things are changing in our real estate profession.  You may have read some articles in the newspapers or heard some news reports on all the shenanaghans going on.  Most of what you have read or heard is only partially correct but that doesn't really matter at this point.

You undoubtedly will be seeing all kinds of new listing formats going on while REALTORS try out various ways to compete for your business.  For example you will see a few REALTORS offer what is referred to as a "mere posting".  In other words, for some negotiated flat fee, the REALTOR will list your home on our MLS, which then will be posted onto www.REALTOR.ca and then do nothing more for you - nada, nought.  This makes you a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) with access to the largest web advertising vehicle in Canada.  I guess the kickstand on the submarine now has a use!  Sorry PG.

However, the REALTOR is not your Agent at this point at this is an important thing to remember.  With a "mere posting" you have not hired anyone to protect your interests and you still need to do the following:

  • figure out a price for your house or pay for an appraisal
  • go buy a For Sale sign and install it on your lawn and maybe a directional at the corner too - make sure you check the municipal bylaw pretaining to signs or the City will remove it.
  • figure out where to advertise your home for sale on-line (besides REALTOR.ca), using social media and in traditional media as well and pay for that
  • stay near a phone (alot) so people and buyers agents can call you for appointments
  • hang around to show your houses to people you don't know and wouldn't have let into your house before two weeks ago
  • find a purchase and sale agreement somewhere or maybe use the one the purchaser or their agent brings
  • when that happy day comes, negotiate against the buyer across your kitchen table and then get your lawyer to review this contract so you don't get taken to the cleaners (I suspect there will be a fee for this)
  • chase the buyer to release all of their conditions, get you the deposit, and so on
  • find time to transfer your phone, power, cable, arrange a new mortgage etc., etc.,etc........

Or you can just hire a full service REALTOR to do what they have been doing for thousands of clients for many years at a reasonable, negotiated rate.


Paul Burns

Paul Burns

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