What your REALTOR can do for you.

There has been a lot of debate in the news about selling privately vs selling through organized real estate.  What is a consumer to do?  I think it all comes down to what YOU want to do.

People havre been "do it yourself" oriented for many years - especially here in the Maritimes.  We're an independed lot.  Change your own oil, cut your own hair, make your own clothes and grow your own food.  If you like doing this sort of thing, and have the time to do it - great.

However, unlike ending up dressed oddly, or having a bad hair cut, selling your largest asset on your own, may have more serious consequences.  The thought of inviting strangers into your home to poke in every nook and cranny, then sitting across the table from them to negotiate a price, and then completing all the necessary paperwork, may make you uncomfortable and it's really only the beginning.

Private For Sale companies focus on cost.  They attack REALTORs about the commissions we charge to sell a property.  This is not surprising.  Since they offer very little in the way of service, all they can talk about is price.

Private For Sale companies will charge you some sort of fee to give you a sign, maybe give you some sort of contract, and let you post some pictures on their web site.  The trick is that you pay them regardless of whether your home sells or not.  A $20 sign from a hardware store and a cheap add on Kijiji will accomplish the same thing for less money and may get you as much exposure.  If your going to do it yorself, you might as well go the entire way.

With a REALTOR, you will get your home properly priced, placed on the major websites, your advertising will be paid for by the REALTOR, you will gain access to proper forms, ones the bank and lawyers recognize and trust.  The best part is - if your home doesn't sell, YOU PAY NOTHING.  NOT A PENNY!!!  We only get paid for performance, not just for showing up.

I have spent the past year and have made over a dozen trips to Fredericton, to Chair a Standardized Forms Committee.  This is an inititive of the New Brunswick Real Estate Association taken to imporve and modernize all the forms that REALTORS use in NB.  This wasn't forced on them, they chose to do it so that our members, the men and women sitting across from you in your kitchen, have the very best tools we can produce to protect the public when doing a real estate transaction.  This committee has representatives for all 4 boards in NB, a representative from the Law Society and one from the Department of Justice.  They will be reviewed by the Canadian Real Estate Association, by NBREA's lawyers and their Board of Directors.  These will be good documents and very expense to create.

The REALTOR you hire has on-going training that is mandatory each year to keep them up to date on all kinds of industry trends, plus most do additional training on their own in marketing, social media, and so on.  These are professionals in every sense of the word and earn every penny they make. Some are better than others, just like in any Profession, but you won't be on your own, someone will have your back, and selling your existing home and buying another can be a great experience for you.

Paul Burns

Paul Burns

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