Photo Gallery of Metro Moncton

 These photos were taken in downtown Moncton featuring City Hall and the Blue Cross Building.

The City of Moncton Courthouse was opened in March 2011, replacing the former chambers in the Assumption Building which were outdated.



Winters in our area are great for outdoor activities and some nice scenes for photographers. 

I took these the evening of Feb 17th, 2012.  The City has started putting a small skating rink in front of City Hall.  This has proved to be a popular venue.  The night we were there, they had live music playing and it was really nice. The City maintains several outside skating rinks in the area including a large oval at Centennial Park

These next shots were taken along Riverfront Park on the Riverview side.  It was Saturday morning and I was was returning from the Farmer's Market downtown, when the sun came over the hill by the golf course.  It was moderating and the frost was thick on the trees.


The section of the Trans-Canada trail that runs through the Town of Riverview has two popular features.  The gazebo, which hosts many outdoor concerts and photo shoots in the summer and the outdoor gym equipment for those who want to add a bit more to their walk or run,

The City of Dieppe recently revitalized their downtown core by building a new City Hall, allowing a new set of office buildings to be built and turning their old town hall into a concert center and farmers complex.  Their summer entertainment for kids of all ages takes place on Wednesday nights in the Commons behind the City Hall.

 Main St. looking east

The next series of photos features shot of our many parks and open areas.

Centennial Park:

Centennial Park is located off St. George Blvd an easy bike ride from downtown.  It is very popular with people of all ages.  There are sports fields, swimming, canoeing, hiking and a new TreeGo franchise has opened up as well.  In the winter, the pond freezes over and is cleaned for skating.  Many of the trails are groomed for cross-country skiing as well.



This is a couple of photos of Bessborough Park located in a very popular area of the Moncton referred to as the "New West End".  Most of the houses in the are were built 40 or more years ago so it's not very new, however, at the time, it was newer than the "Old West End" which is closer to the center of the City.  Since the City has grown so much, both are in Center Moncton, but, when they were built these were pretty close to the western edge of the City.

Here are a couple of pictures taken at the entrance to the River Front Park on the Moncton side of the Petitcodiac River.  This is off Assomption Blvd near the Blue Cross Building.  The City hosts a number of events here each year and at the south end of the park, along the river itself, is a portion of the Canada Trail.  It goes easterly to Dieppe, and along the marsh.  Westerly it eventually ends up across the River in Riverview.  There are over 40 km of trail linked together between the 3 communities with more being added each summer.



Metro gears up for some great Canada Day celebrations.  A large portion of Main Street, in the downtown core, is closed to traffic and opened to the public.  The pubs and restaurants do a great business, there is street bands and games for the kids.  Around 9 pm the fire works, set to music, begins.....



Balloon animals being made for the little kids.

And for the bigger kids too...

During the summer of 2010, Moncton was host to the World Jr. Track and Field Championships.  A new stadium was built which has also been used to host a couple of CFL games and we hope to host some of the FiFa World Women's Soccer Championships in 2014.  The following pictures were taken at the opening ceremonies of the World Jr. event.



People in this area love to get together for a festival, a show, some great restaurants and community fund raising events.

For several years, local REALTORs(r) sponsor, and paddle, a Dragon Boat on a race on Jones Lake. We were the top fund raisers for 2011 and 2012

Our intrepid crew of REALTORs take to the water lead by C21's own Jan Keirstead as the pirate on the drum



I though I would start to include all the churches in the area for you to look at.  There are dozens, so it will take awhile to get them all.


Highfield United Baptist - Moncton


Wesley Memorial United Church - Moncton                                                Lewisville Baptist Church - Moncton



              Bethel Presbyterian Church - Riverview                                   Mount Royal United Church - Moncton

                   St. Paul's United - Riverview                                       Immaculate Heart Catholic Church - Riverview


                  Parkside Baptist Church - Moncton                                  St. Anselum Catholic Church - Dieppe

 SPORTS FACILITIES and Outdoor Recreation

Metro Moncton has many sports facilities, both indoor and out.  Here is a sampling:

Red Ball 4-plex.  This building has 4 of our 11 ice surfaces.

Dundee Sports Dome - indoor soccer, driving range, etc.

New YMCA - incredible facility and reasonable memberships

Downtown Skate Board Park:

About 4 years ago, the city installed this skateboard park near the riverfront trail.  It is a very popular spot for kids of all ages.  As yo can see in the last pictures in this set, you are a close walk to down town.


Byron Dobson Arena in Riverview - 2 ice surfaces                 Many hiking trails, both in the Metro area and out



The Trans-Canada Trail crosses the Gunningville Bridge from Riverview to Moncton and proceeds down river through Moncton and into Dieppe.  This is an excellent place to walk, bike and do some sightseeing.  There are a number of memorials and monuments that portray some of the rich heritage of the area.

 This pedestrian bridge crosses Halls Creek dividing

Moncton and Dieppe.  Halls Creek is believed to be the landing site of the original white settlers in this area.

 Part of the boardwalk along the Petitcodiac River

  Looking west along the Petitcodiac River

Moncton and Dieppe - part of the extensive walking and biking trail system in the area which is all part of the Trans Canada Trail system.

This area enjoys a strong Irish heritage as well. This

Monument to the Irish families in the area stands along the Canada Trail near the downtown area.

One of the many bands / musical events taking place along the waterfront


 Salter Memorial at Bore Park on the Riverfront Trail

 Injured workers memorial - Bore Park


Here are some pictures from Victoria Park located in an older section of the City.  Very nice spot which hosts "Shakespeare in the Park" and some amazing craft shows over the summer.

     Firefighter's Memorial

    Police Officer Memorial                  

        War Memorial

            Field Gun - War Memorial

       One of the many flower beds in the Park

        Water fountain near the center of the Park

Atlantic Nationals - one of Canada's largest car shows

Here are some of the approximately 1800 cars here this year.  I have some posted on my blog and in "what's going on around town" also on this site.

  '74 Charger

 You can't get a hockey bag in this puppy!

 Or this one either

 this Lotus may be impossible to get in - period

This years Atlantic Nationals drew a record number of car's this year - over 2000 beautifully polished, buffed and pampered vehicles of all shapes, sizes and descriptions.  Here are a few and I've uploaded a few more on my blog posting.

Aren't these amazing?  A real labour of love and the crowds were loving every minute of it.

 Full moon rising over Moncton.  I'm standing on one of the walking trails along the river not too far from the Irish Family Memorial looking east.

 This is the BMO building adjacent to City Hall during one of the many summer festivals.  It was a great day and I thought this was a cool picture.  Festivals are big in Moncton and there are several during the summer and fall months.  Food, wine, vintage cars, big bikes and more get a weekend event.


Assomption Building - downtown Moncton

Part of our skyline - NBTel (Aliant) tower


For the past 12 years, Saint Paul's United Church has hosted the 10,000 Villages craft sale in early December.  This sale helps support artisans in developing countries by allowing them to receive a fair price for their work.  Each year at Saint Paul`s alone, on just a Friday evening and Saturday day, enough product is sold to support 4 families of 4 for one year.

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