Atlantic Nations come to town.

This past weekend, July 8th to 10th, over 2000 beautifully buffed, polished and pampered vehicles came once to Moncton once again.  My wife and I try to take an extended lunch hour on Friday to take advantage of all the cars being displayed on Main St.  They shut down a portion of Main St. all day Friday and park the cars all along road and people just mill about.  It's great and there are plenty of places to eat.

How do yo like this truck.  Not much "back roading" done in this puppy I'd wager.  The paint job was amazing and my Bberry's camera doesn't do it justice.  This truck was parked on the grass in front of City Hall.

We had lunch at a litttle café called The Garden House.  Great burgers and things but the biggest surprise/traet were there sticky buns.  People in our area often speak of the sticky buns that are at Kelly's Bakery in Alma, next to Fundy Park.  They are good, not as good as when Mrs. Kelly ran it 40 years ago, but good.  The sticky buns at The Garden House do Mrs. Kelly proud.  They are the best I've ever eaten and I have eaten my fair share of sticky buns.  Absolutely out of this world.  I now know where to sneak away for a tasty treat once in awhile.

Here are a few more of the more interesting cars on the street:


There is always some talk about closing down Main St for the summer months.  I think it would be a good idea.  It's already closed a few times anyway for the various festivals and maybe it would get the locals out walking a bit more and patronizing all the nifty little restaurants and shops.  If you think having Main Street made into a pedestrian mall for July and August let Council know.  It might be a good experiment and if it isn't successful,don't do it the next year. 

I hope to see you out next year.  This is one of the biggest car shows on the circuit and the drivers love to come here because they get treated so well.

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