How can you sell a house in this much snow?

Surprisingly enough we can and do sell properties in this snow almost every day. It is tougher when the buyer has to believe that the large hump of snow in the back yard is really a storage shed or that there are beautiful flower beds out there under 8 feet of snow. This is why it's a great idea to leave some summer pictures on the kitchen table whenever there is a showing. The buyer gets to see what it might look like in a few months and they can feel a bit more confidence in what they are buying. 

Another good idea that the buyer and the REALTOR doing the showing will appreciate; clean out your driveway as wide as possible and clean out your walk ways as well. There is nothing worse than wiggling along a tunnel of snow with 18 inches of slop under your feet, branches hanging over your head, then slipping up the steps to get to a key box. Sure we can all suck it up, but if you want to sell your home it's a good idea that the buyer isn't upset before they actually get in your house! The little extra effort on the sellers part will go along ways. It's like cutting the lawn in the summer, or doing the dishes. The little things often make a big difference, especially when there are a lot of homes on the market.

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Paul Burns

Paul Burns

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