Moncton Market remains good

We are well into our fall season and things are still going well in Metro.  Our Board stats are remaining at near record levels for units sold and total sales volume.  Our average sale price in September was up 3.5% continuing a trend of slow and steady grow for the area.  It's not an exciting market, but, for the person buying a family home, it is still a very safe investment.

I'm starting to notice more people calling about the ins and outs of buying small investment properties.  Many seem to be getting discouraged with the apparent randomness in the equities market and are concerned about their retirement investments.  Often they are loosing 20% of their investment virtually overnight for reasons that are foggy at best and more often completely baffling.

Owning an investment property gives you more control over your own destiny.  If you keep you property in good condition, and select your tenants wisely, your investment will slowly rise in market value while you pay down the mortage and build up equity.  This is a longer term investment in the Moncton area.  Harder to buy, fix and flip in our market than in Toronto or Vancouver.  It is a sfer investment too, which is better for your retirement funds.

If you would like to speak with me about investment properties, i'd be happy to buy you a coffee and have a chat.  Contact me by email, txt, or throught the bigger social media sites.  If all else fails, you can call me as well!

Paul Burns

Paul Burns

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