November Sales in Metro down a bit

Our fall slow down has finally started in Metro Moncton, but it is still pretty good.  MLS report from the GMRGM show that the average sale price is up 3.8% to $173,079.  This is good news for anyone selling their home.  Our sales dollar volume for the month of November was down 5% over November of last year and the actual number of sales were down 10% but year to date our volume is still up 6%.  So, all in all, compared to some regions, especially in the US, we are doing great.

For the next few months our market becomes quite weather dependent and slows down considerably around each snow storm.  So, if you recall last winter, January and February snowed all the time so we got a slow start to the year.  Thus, still being up 6% by year end shows that our market recovered very well once the weather improved.


Paul Burns

Paul Burns

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