Getting a "Kick Start" to 2011

There is something about the beginning of a new year that gives us the adrenoline boost to the "Make it happen!" feeling. The problem is, that a lot of us get so burried in "Where to Start" or "I'll start as soon as ....". Don't let that happen to you this year, do something "Right Now", yes, right now. No matter what business or activity you are involved with, if something comes to mind like, "I should call so and so", do it right now! It may mean sending out advertising notices, calling a past client, cleaning out a file on the corner of your desk, whatever. And let me qualify this by saying I am a procrastinator by nature and have to work very hard at doing what I profess in this blog.

But don't forget, "Don't try to accomplish too much all at once .... that's a sure way to get discouraged in a hurry .... just do one, small thing at a time. From that you will see your momentum build.

Good luck ( and you know good luck comes from doing) with your endeavors in this new year!

Paul Connors

Paul Connors

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