Good News Again

Well, it is in the news again.... "Real Estate in many areas of the country is very healthy. in some others, it's Booming".

 We here in the Atlantic and more specifically, the Halifax Dartmouth Region, are enjoying steady growth with a more secure base than the major centres across the country. It has been traditional in our region to have steady growth versus the "roller coaster ride" scenario that other areas face. Much of the comfort we enjoy is the fact that we are more conservative in Canada and even more so here in the Atlantic Region. This doesn't mean we don't take risks and invest in venture capital projects, but we more closely calculate the risks and then assess how far we want to go........well, I'm getting away from the main point and that is that we do have a more stable Real Estate Market and that is good for many reasons. A couple  of good points are these, if we invest wisely in purchasing property, we can be assured that our investment will grow steadily, whether that is your principal residence or investment/income property.

With interest rates remaining low, and with the forcast of them only increasing gradually over the next few years, this is one of those "Good times to Buy".

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Paul Connors

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