Tips on How to Make a Splash at Your next Pool Party!

Ahh, Summer has finally arrived which means it’s time to get your swimsuit on and get ready to party! What’s a better way to celebrate the warm weather than sipping cocktails by the pool? Whether you are a first time host or an expert party planner, there is nothing worse than hosting a boring snooze fest of a party. But fear not! Follow our 6 essential tips on how to host a great pool party that will leave your guests talking about it for weeks!

Tip # 1: Plan ahead
Organizing a party can be a HUGE headache! There is an endless amount of things to prepare, and that is why it is so crucial to plan ahead. First and foremost make sure you send invites early so that people can save the date.  After all, what’s a party without people? Secondly, buy everything you need at least a week before the party so you don’t have to stress about missing a key ingredient to a recipe or no plates!

Tip # 2: Food, Food and MORE Food!

There is no such thing as TOO MUCH food! The key to a great party is the food, and you certainly don’t want to leave your guests hungry and grumpy. Make sure you select ‘pool friendly’ types of foods that won’t ruin the pool if it got in (such as soup). Finger foods like chips, burgers and hot dogs are quick and delicious options for pool parties!

Tip #3: Beverages
Nothing says a party like alcohol! Make sure you let your guests know whether it is B.Y.O.B. If you are providing drinks, have a variety of drinks like beer, coolers, wine and hard liquor, so there are options for guests. Be sure to also provide non-alcoholic choices for partygoers such as Moctails, pop and juice.

Tip # 4: Pick a Theme
Themes may be cheesy, but it helps get people excited about dressing up for the party!  Not only that, but it will also give you ideas on how to decorate your backyard, types of food to makes and the kind of music you play! For example, for a Hawaiian theme you can make pineapple daiquiris, coconut drinks and give leis to guests as a souvenir gift!

Tip # 5: Activities 
Avoid a boring party by planning activities for guests to do. The pool offers a lot of different types of activities like volleyball, Marco Polo and ever water basketball and football. Make sure you have activities outside of the pool (such as ping pong) so that everyone can participate in the fun.

Tip # 6:  Be considerate
Yes! You read that right. Being a considerate host can often make or break the party. If you are hosting a pool party, be prepared to have extra towels on hand for guests who didn’t bring one. Also, be mindful that not everyone knows how to swim; you can buy cute decorative noodles and floating devices to help those non-swimmers and add a bit of colour to your pool!

By following these 6 tips, you should be well on your way to hosting a great spring pool party! The most important thing to remember is to sit back, relax and enjoy the party  

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