99 Realtors and they aren't worth a $1

For over 10 years now, I have been very comfortable waking up unemployed. That means not knowing when or if my paycheck is coming in next week or next month. As a result, I work very hard to ensure that my 52 clients a year are very well taken care of. My testimonials ARE my website...everything else is window dressing.

Unlike so many others that started in the "facebook/blog/techno era of post 2005", I have a huge advantage to them. I actually know what a full day's work is all about. The beauty of being in this business pre-facebook is that you had to learn survival skills that worked IRL (in real life).

Some idiots are busy promoting their blah-blah-blogs and some want you to hire them for $99. Thankfully, the failed journalists and dollar store realtors will be off to some other career soon enough.

So if its time to do things right & hire someone who believes that  "Success trains. Failures complain", then I am the man for the job.

Oh...and if you need 3 good reasons why you should only buy flip flops at the dollar store vs hiring your realtor from there....here they are:

1. If the a former president of a FSBO company decided to use a realtor to sell, perhaps its worth a read if you are planning a move. The point here is that private sellers who signed up with him essentially paid the 6% commission to the agents involved.

Read more about it here

2. Russian billionaire overpays by $50,000,000 after the home is appraised for HALF of the value he paid. One very extreme case of where a Realtor would have been a good call.

Read more about it here

3. The last example is a friend of mine who actually bought a home from a "friend" a few years back. Having not seen him for a while I found about it recently. Turns out he paid almost today's prices for a 1 bed home back in 2008. At the time he felt he was getting a deal but, in this case, reality is not a good thing.

No link for this one out of respect to my friend.

Let me be very clear about this also: Just because someone you know has sold a home in the last decade, does NOT mean they can do the best job for you.

Talk to 2 others you want to consider THEN call me to review my options before you decide.


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