And now for my 2012 Predictions

"I posted this on my Facebook page and due to the good reviews...I decided to share it here...hope you enjoy"-P

And now my 2012 gift to all of you who put up with my sometimes boring updates OR work stuff. Here are my 2012 predictions. Enjoy & share if you wish

1) People will wait in lines overnight for iPads shaped like Air Jordans.
2) The newspaper WILL report 3 major recessions & 3 major booms (as they have for over a decade) or whenever other news is lacking. The moment you consider the news as your... advice source, please call me and I will advise you which alcohol you should consume immediately.
3) Naysayers who benefit from doom & gloom will sell you their fear & make lots of money off the gullible.
4) Aliens will invade & the 1st thing they decide is that huge realtor billboards even look tacky to them.
5) Donald Trump will donate his hair to science. Science will auction it off on ebay. Ebay will have a no return policy.
6) One of the spam Facebook ads about free coffee from Starbucks or Nigerian scams will actually be legit...but which one?
7) Van Halen is not coming back in 2012. Unless you have a pre-1984 time machine, Van Halen is over. Talk amongst yourselves...
8) Lady Gaga will quit music and revert to only doing infomercials for Oliver Jewelry.
9) To unfriend someone on facebook will require 30 days notice so they may replace you with someone as weird as you are :)
10) Lastly, if you use social media within 1 foot of your bathroom...your iphone will turn into a black light and stop you in your tracks.

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