Do you know the secret history behind Toronto's famous lofts, condos & homes?


"Every loft tells a story, I am the Storyteller."

Yes, I tell the REAL stories. Not the version you see in glossy magazines, not the kinds you see on most realtors websites who dont know a loft from a condo.

Starting in 2001, my first tours took place in Leslieville right at 245 Carlaw Ave. With thousands of you following me through the doors of some amazing lofts, the stories I have learned over the years of being a Toronto resident (39 & counting) have served me well.

The good, bad, ugly and (in some cases) shocking stories behind some of the lofts you OR your friends love to look at. Some of you have seen lofts for sale on other websites with nothing but over edited photos and no mention WHATSOEVER of the rich history of the building or the area. A smart loft buyer will always look past the fluff.

  • Did you know that one loft in particular was famous for selling illegal booze during the prohibition?
  • Did you know that several lofts claim to be haunted?
  • Did you know I keep a ongoing database of the lofts and condos lived in by musicians & famous actors?

If you think you will get all the answers here or on Google, I'm afraid not. I dont feel the others who live in those buildings should have to read about their loft on someone's blog.

However, when you are working with me and out looking at lofts that may have a story attached.....I may be one of the few to know the details. As you buyer or seller agent, my job is to disclose every material fact I know about that property. If someone died in the complex and I know about it OR am told about it, so will YOU. If you are a client of mine, you know this is true.

After 10+ years of doing this for a LIVING (not part time, not on the side), I predict I have taken approx 5,000,000 footsteps through Toronto's most amazing lofts. In some cases, I may have seen the factory BEFORE it became a finished loft.

MY PLEDGE: Before you ever sign an agreement to buy/sell/rent a loft with anyone, join me for one of my 10LoftsInADay tours in the area you are looking at. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. In fact, if you decide to join me as a client immediately following the receive a bonus of 500 Air Miles to be credited on your next purchase or sale with me.

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Paul Indrigo

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