Every Loft Space has a story to tell....I am the storyteller.


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 If you value your hard earned money, you owe it to yourself to work with an established, connected loft fanatic like me....here are a few more reasons:

  • You will get the chance to see the lofts built on the site of a former prohibition era bootleg distillery that has a connection to Al Capone
  • Take a look at the some of former and existing lofts of some of the hottest rock musicians, movie stars and local celebs
  • Learn the ins and outs of converted vs man made lofts, the various zoning bylaws with certain lofts and the TRUTH about the buildings you are interested in (including if the building is selling at, below or above its threshold).
  • You earn Air Miles for buying, selling and even renting lofts with me!!


Be sure to join me on any or all of these social media sites for added chances of earning Air Miles.
At LoftSellers.ca, you can earn Air Miles for buying and selling with me. No cash value and non negotiable.

   What is a LOFT?

I prefer to stray away from the conventional meanings of loft as defined by the dictionary. Instead here is what I think a "loft" really is:


Some of you are going to call me out on this but that's ok. After almost a decade of running my hugely successful, 10loftsinaday tours, I have had the best on site knowledge anyone can ask for. What some builders are calling lofts (in one case, I saw about a 2ft overhang from a 2nd floor that they called a loft) are NOT making the grade.

What is a LOFT to you?

This is the BIGGEST question I am going to ask you. Some of you have an image in your mind of a raw warehouse. Some will think of the movie "Ghost". Some may just think open spaces define loft living. Well, you are all correct. It does NOT matter what defines a loft to everyone else...only what you want.

It is for this reason that you can create a loft inspired home or a loft inspired cottage. Classic loft buildings like the Broadview Lofts, Brewery Lofts or the Candy Factory highlight the classic style.

How should LOFTS been seen?

Well, my favourite answer is with me :) In reality, they should be seen objectively. It is for that reason that I created the "10loftsinaday tours". I will always have a few listings that I am promoting at any given time. As part of my ViP approach to helping all of you get the best exposure to spaces...I would rather show you 10 vs 1 on any given day. The 10 could include a few too small, a few too big and hopefully...one just perfect.

How do I get started?

Great question. Rather than sending you on a goose chase on my website, lets grab a coffee or tea and start on phase 1. Your blueprint for loft living is unlike anyone else's. This is not BS. Although many floor plans look the same, you may have a certain way you want yours to look...that is the differentiating factor in how your loft defines your style. I will ask you to join me as a ViP under a buyer agency agreement after our first meeting. The reason for this is LOYALTY. I have NO problem spending 20 hrs looking for lofts with you as long as you eventually buy with me. Considering I can connect you to every preowned and new loft you could ever want...it's a very easy decision. Our 1st meeting is always just that. If we get along, great! If not, great!

Tell me more about the 10loftsinaday tours and how they work?

I would love to give you all the juicy details here but I know many of my competitors visit here often and I don't want to show too much leg...if you know may I mean :) What I can tell you is that you will NEVER look at lofts or unique spaces again the traditional way after you start my tours. In fact, my ViPs have often been the FIRST to get into certain spaces just because they were registered with me and, as a result, have been able to secure some of the most amazing spaces in the city. In addition to this, every loft you buy instantly enters you into my 50,000 Air Miles Challenge to benefit Easter Seals & Send a kid to camp. If that wasn't enough, you even earn 2 Air Miles per $1000 of loft bought/sold with me (click here for more details). Just email or call me about any questions you have.

I am ready to sell my loft, what now?

This has always been the big question. The answer may surprise you. I may not be the ideal one to help you OR you may not be ideal for my program. Over the last decade, I have been so focused on helping my clients acheive their dreams that most will never remember the price of the space OR how long it took...just that it was all part of a bigger picture. If you overpaid for your space by using a more traditional realtor, I will do my best to make sure you get every penny your loft is worth and will ensure that your next space fits the parameters of my SUCCESS program. Feel free to meet with you as many others as you wish before we meet but rest assured that my main focus is to TEACH you what questions to ask to ensure your goals are reached.

What is my best quality?

Since I get asked this one often, here is the answer. LOYALTY.
I cannot work with someone unless its present and I don't know how to perform any other way. This means if you choose to start your journey with me, it's with me. I will NEVER shift the focus of my work on your profile to another one as long as I have your loyalty. I keep my client ratios very manageable for this reason. No more than 20 clients at a time. If you are a buyer and you want me to show you my best spaces (whether its 1 day or 4 weekends straight) I will NOT do that unless you complete a loyalty agreement with me.

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