Getting married? Start with a success plan.

Bride and Groom

You have found the perfect partner.

You decide it's time to take the plunge and get married. Congratulations and the best decision you can ever make.

Having a partner in life can be a very key part of being successful.

One seminar I went to years before I married mentioned "finding the right partner for your life & business is truly the key to success". I have every reason to believe this :)

Here is my 3 step program for all of you planning OR getting married in 2011 that seems to be working based on my experience and those of clients I know.


Instead of asking for the usual list of gifts at your wedding, ask for money for a downpayment. It's 2011 and your parents likely understand that a set of dishes is NOT the best start to a life of wedded bliss.


How do you FREEZE the price of real estate? Buy a home as early as humanly possible & wait 5-10 yrs. In some cases, this may happen before the actual wedding. Buying your starter home in Toronto in 2000 would have cost you $200k. That same home is now worth close to $500k at year 10. You would have paid off the mortgage and have $300k to put down on your next home.


Although you do have to work and may want a family, do not forget the importance of investing in your property. I advise you put aside 1% of the value of your home (when you bought it) per year. Less for a condo. Things like roofing, plumbing, landscaping etc should always be kept updated. What you do NOT want is to have to spend 10% of your value all at once due to lack of maintenance.


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