Google Maps Real Estate Feature & its impact on YOUR real estate needs

With many of you on the tech side of things asking me about this, I thought it may be best to post this recent update to our members:

"You may have read yesterday that Google is getting out of the real estate listings syndication business. But not to worry, Google Base, the company’s classifieds site, was never available in Canada, only in the US, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

On February 10th, Google will discontinue the real estate feature within Google Maps. Consumers will no longer be able to find for sale, foreclosure, or rental properties through the Google Maps search function. Also, real estate professionals will no longer be able to upload their listings to Google Base.

Google’s search function will continue to assist house hunters in their search for helpful real estate websites and information, and other Google services used by real-estate companies, such as implementing Google Maps on their own sites, will remain the same.

CENTURY 21 Canada's strategy has been to create the #1 real estate site on the web for real estate consumers. While Google is a valuable site for many uses, real estate searching remains a specialty that the real estate industry does particularly well.

This decision by Google has no impact on the Sales Representative Incentive Plan (SRIP). As long as we continue to create quality real estate listings and community content, consumers will continue to come to in greater numbers.

Don Lawby
Century 21 Canada Limited Partnership"

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