Group Selling is the hottest trend in 2011. Are u trending?

frog                     +                                    Tree


What do frogs and trees have in common with selling your home in an eco-friendly way?

Well....much more than you think.

Let's start by explaining what is WRONG with the current way most people buy and sell real estate.

1) You live on 123 Something St.
2) On your street, 10 people are going to sell their homes (thru the year vs all at once)
3) Very likely, that means each one will use their own agent. That's 10 agents to sell 10 homes.

Alternatively, what if ONE of you nominated me as your STREET/BUILDING designated listing agent. This always does take a great deal of work on our part but its always worth it. Quite often, the work starts months before the sale as I do a "grassroots" campaign  (with your home as headquarters) to see if other nearby owners are thinking of selling in the next year and wish to join up.

As a result, I have been able to help neighbours maximize the interest from one house sale and have those past visitors or inquiries on file for the next listing....and so on.

Does this program have sponsors?

Indeed. Part of my approach to this program is to also include bonuses from partners like Frogbox (@Frogbox on twitter), Air Miles, Autoshare, Take It Easy Concierge (ideal for help relocating families,seniors etc) & many more signing on.

Why is this a more eco friendly approach to this process?

Frogbox is not shy about their eco approach as is Autoshare. Other companies I include (when its a condo or loft) are Conduit for electronic delivery of status certificates. This alone has helped saved over 1900 trees in the process. Take a deep breath and enjoy :)

On my part, I have drastically cut down my paper output and don't print countless number of showing reports as many others still do. I thank Dropbox for that!  Also instead of kiling a tree at each listing, I now have targetted QR codes on each sign and in the property that offer a much more digital approach and understanding that over 80% of the people looking for homes will do so using their iPhone devices. Blackberry and Android users can also use these scan codes.

What other benefits are there?

Another huge benefit to both group sellers and buyers is being treated as a "group" when financing. Imagine if 10 of you go to a lender and ask for his best rate vs just 1 at a DOES make a difference.

Should I still meet with other realtors before I decide?

Absolutely. In fact, its ideal that you meet with other realtors before we review this program due to the "confidential" nature of some of the elements. This will ensure that you understand all the pros and cons of this program.

If you alone OR a group of you want to meet up and discuss the merits of this program, just stop by my fan site at and say hello!

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