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Picture this. You've been out of Canada for 3 years. You kept a home here but were moved to California for work (thankfully you rented). Guess what happened to your Toronto home value in that time. You may want to grab the vino before you read this....

  • 2007 Avg Price $376,236
  • 2008 Avg Price $379,347
  • 2009 Avg Price $395,460
  • 2010 Avg Price (to date...wait for it....) $430,802

Wait one minute, after almost 3 years of doom and gloom that even the Toronto media has jumped on....the average prices actually went up! YES. My point...."be sure to distinguish between opinion and expert advice". Following opinion would have lost you 12% in equity that was rightfully yours.

Also new on my blog is the NPI (Neighbourhood Price Index) for many of the areas of Toronto I service. The reason that following neighbourhoods of interest is better than just Toronto activity. Seeing as some MLS zones like C01 can include over a dozen sub-categories of neighbourhoods, looking at the micro-activity of these areas is the only way to truly understand them.  Anyone can request a report of the areas(s) of interest whether buying or selling and I will produce the report for you via email. Way more valuable than the "Free Home Evaluation" offer you get from the local suit (Entourage talk) who claims to be an area expert due to the size of his face in relation to the for sale sign :)

Now to the good amazing listings. Aside from the Featured Spaces below, I am also proud to announce my newest venture of offering Century 21s "Fine Homes & Estates" properties as part of my unique tours.

Thanks to the national recognition of my Nomination for Top Sales Associate for Century 21 Canada, it is creating a higher level of demand for a professional that can handle the demands of the most esteemed properties in and around the Toronto area. Having shown and sold some of the most acclaimed lofts & unique homes in the city, I am ready for the challenge and am putting the existing luxury market pioneers on alert. It should not be me that declares that ALL PROPERTIES listed with a professional deserve the utmost presentation and professional imagery. Even earlier this week I noticed two multi-million dollar homes for sale that had literally no effort applied to their marketing.  When I am given the opportunity to market any space, I treat it as a very serious effort and will always utilize the best technology available at the time.

Lastly for my devoted loft followers, my site is now in its new format. Hope you like this newest version and (as with all good things), I will keep revising it to further improve the experience.  Enjoy the rest of the newsletter and please share this with anyone you know that is buying or selling in 2011.

PS Thanks to my most recent sold at 61A Gainsborough Road in the Beach selling in 20 days...I am proud to announce that I will donate $100 to the fundraising for on all of my clients' behalf.  I have also encouraged my fellow realtors to do the same (90,000 of us in Canada). As many of you are either participating via fundraising or just awareness (you may have noticed an odd number of guys with mo's that may not be the mo' included), mens health issues are worth mentioning and this is a great, fun way to do it.

How to Organize Your Child for a More Productive School Year

Fall is here, and with it comes the start of a new school year. It’s easy to be organized at the beginning of the year, when uniforms are new, supplies are fresh and kids are excited, but as time goes on, that excitement wanes—and your child’s productivity may drop.

Here are some tips to help keep your child organized:

  • Start young. Even the youngest child can learn to put things away. Help kids sort through their backpacks so they learn what to file and what to toss. Consider giving each child a big storage box to save artwork and other papers.
  • Create a routine. Kids thrive on structure. Snack time first, then homework before playtime.
  • Create a central calendar to keep track of your family. A colour-coded calendar works great. Just assign each member of the family a different colour, and write down his or her activities in colour-coded ink.
  • Provide an adequate work area. Consider using a "homework station," a portable zone to stow all necessary supplies. That way, you won’t have to scramble to find a pencil, eraser or glue.
  • Make organization fun. Let your child choose colourful notebooks, portfolios or locker supplies to help them stay on track.
  • Set a good example. It's not likely that your kids will see the need for organization if your bedroom or home office looks like a tornado swept through it.

Trends in Small Space Remodels

So your youngest child is headed off to university, and you finally have a chance to create some personal space with his empty bedroom. But what to do?

Many homeowners are faced with this dilemma when family members move out. Why not remodel to reflect your current hobbies or lifestyle?

Common ideas for spare bedrooms include art studios, home theaters, game rooms or home gyms

Home theaters are probably the most popular choice. To create one, install comfortable specialized seating, surround sound speakers, a large projection screen or flat-screen television and features such as popcorn machines or concession areas to entertain guests. Additional enhancements can include built-in cabinets, fabric wall panels to absorb sounds and accent lighting, such as step lights, to add to the theater experience.

However you decide to renovate your spare room, be sure to work closely with your remodeler to communicate your needs and wants. That way, even the smallest details will be included to make the room a rewarding experience for all who use it.

Featured Properties
517 Kingston Road Loft 7
Toronto, ON M4L 1V5
$555,000 More Info
Bedrooms:  1
Bathrooms:  2
Sq. Feet:  1,300
2278 Gerrard St E
Toronto, ON M4E 2E1
$520,000 More Info
Bedrooms:  3
Bathrooms:  3
Sq. Feet:  1,600
600 Fleet St 632
Toronto, ON M5V 1B3
$207,000 More Info
Bathrooms:  1
9 Windermere Ave
Toronto, ON M6S 5A7
$210,000 More Info
Bedrooms:  1
Bathrooms:  1
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