Need a reason to NEVER believe a bank OR newspaper real estate article again?

There is no doubt that all of you are following the battle we are involved with of keeping our well established real estate system doing its best. Surely, no good has happened in the U.S. from allowing organized real estate to become a free for all approach.

My beef today is the ability of the banks and newspapers to announce unfounded "opinion" pieces in a tone that makes buyers think twice. Well.....buyers & sellers should really hear the TRUTH! Let me repeat something I tell all of my clients....NO ONE CAN PREDICT THE MARKET. The best you can do is look back 30 years and look for the dips....of which there have not been many.

HOUSING IS GOING TO DECREASE IN 2011 was the title of this article.

If in fact, you read this May 2010 post from the Globe and Mail & TD bank, it states that "Housing Prices to drop in 2011".

The chart below is the ONLY reason you need to never believe another opinion piece ever again.

If you REALLY want the best advice, speak to me and I will explain REAL data to you in REAL time.

"Be sure you understand the difference between OPINION & ADVICE".




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