Occupy Toronto....another approach to this movement

The picture above is of how I view St. James Park in St. Lawrence Market area of Toronto. A beautiful, shared space in the city that my downtown condo owners truly love & visitors worldwide think highly of.

For over a decade, my buyers have all shared some of the anger that is being expressed by protestors that have been occupying the park for much of the last few months of 2011. Why should certain people have access to a certain lifestyle? Most of them have passed this bridge once they realized that all it takes to "take your piece & stop the clock" is approx the cost of 6 months to 1 year of rent.

The difference with my clients is that they simply chose another approach. Rather than pay rent to any landlord, they simply put together as much money as they could and "bought something as early as they could in life".

Let's be fair. Most of us are NOT the 1% (even though every other realtor claims to be #1 in their area...along with 10 others.....something I could care less about). In my case, my father worked construction for his entire life. Paid his dues and can now retire and travel. The hours & chapters of his life he put in were insane and most of us will never allow any business to treat us this way.

Freedom, to many I know, is as simple as knowing that you have enough in the bank to support you for 6 months to 2 years to deal with the natural flux of life (different jobs, housing ups and downs etc).

Stay positive. Leverage your talent & income and CREATE the life you want. 

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