The Un-Sold Stories of Toronto Real Estate

Although I love telling the “stories behind the solds”….perhaps the “un-sold” stories are equally worth sharing.

Of the homes I’ve handled so far in 2013, only one (so far) has failed its plumbing video inspection (a newly recommended add on inspection in older areas with older infrastructure). If you are planning to buy a home in an older part of Toronto, its an absolute must to meet with me and discuss if this applies to you & what steps to take.

In fact, what we saw was a tree root growing in the clay sewage pipes. With over 100 years of contractor experience in my family (father & both uncles with 30+ years each), I’ve done my share of hard work. In one home, we dug the basement out to properly set up a toilet waste pipe. Before that, it was the classic “throne” set up where the owners were too lazy to dig. See video below for a sample of what we saw.

In fact, 3 times in the last 2 years, homes that we could video inspect (with proper clean outs or drainage access in the laundry area/bathroom) have failed. One was remedied by the buyers after we had the sellers pay for 1/2 the work. Another home actually had 3 attached homes on the same system (yes, 3x the stuff you normally flush away) and the camera wouldn’t go past 1 foot. Normally its 18-20 feet to the street line.

As pare of my pre-renovation/sale consultation process, I will go over a comprehensive list of many items that homeowners often neglect before selling. Also, we discuss how often to change the connections on your washing machine & dishwasher (which you all do….right????) & many other key items that are simply for your safety.

This video is a sample of what you will see during this inspection but also be aware, some homes cannot be inspected… me to discuss. Also, there are government incentives in place if you do have older pipes that many are unaware of.

My saying has always been, “surprises are for birthday parties, not real estate”. Finding this out BEFORE you buy is key….not while you are trying to sell your home. 

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