The secret of successful selling in 2009 is finally revealed....

Lets start with what is NOT working:

-newspaper and print ads

The reason these are not working, and possibly costing you money, is that they are a REACTIVE form of advertising. As a Seller these days you want to attract the best and brightest and most of those buyers are looking for an interactive way to find out more about your property. If someone is PROACTIVELY looking for a space at 39 Parliament St and type in "39 Parliament St" in Google...this is where most of their research will begin and end. Its quite possible that print ads for properties for sale may actually COST you money. Ask about my FREE report on this.

-open houses every weekend

Yet another REACTIVE form of advertising that is as old as some of the homes that are using it. There is nothing wrong with doing them but if a seller is hoping to find a buyer from them...its quite unlikely.
As a way of meeting the neighbourhood or other unit owners, its fantastic. As a networking avenue, its also quite effective. I prefer to do a ViP Invitation style event at the beginning of a new listing vs doing endless open houses and find that it helps keep some suspense about the property. for what IS working.

The Showcase 21 Property Address Marketing plan that I use exclusively.

Highlighting the features of a property is never something you can do with just one type of media. With as many as 80% or more buyers starting their search online, being in the top 10 of any google search for addresses (such as 39 Parliament St, 68 Broadview Ave, 90 Sumach St etc) has become a key variable in my steady success through up and down markets.

What happens after the buyer contacts me is something that I can ONLY share with my ViP Sellers so be sure and contact me if you want this new style of marketing working to your advantage.


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