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Every Loft Tells a Story...I am the Storyteller. Whether you are buying your 1st loft or hoping to get the MOST value when is the ONLY site you will ever need. I have a database of thousands of lofts from the Beach to Etobicoke. This preview of the Top 21 will provide a good overview of the kind of spaces I handle and why my 10LoftsInADay tours are a must for both buyer AND sellers looking for the best value in their real estate consultant. With 1900+ (and growing daily) followers on twitter, be sure to follow me @loftsellers & join my Facebook Fan site for ViP info & Airmiles info. Click on the pic to contact me & get more info.

: How famous is this former CBC props warehouse? I have literally had clients get off a plane and say "Ok, I want a Brewery Loft and nothing else". Located in the Corktown area of Toronto, you will not find a better placed 120 unique loft spaces

FALLINGBROOK LOFTS: If you have never seen or heard of the Fallingbrook Lofts...listen up! The 42 amazingly unique spaces here were created by renowed architect, Bob Mitchell (and yes I do actually have a loft tour of all his past loft creations!) This loft was designed based on Frank Lloyd Wright's famous Falling Water residence complete with lots of rock, glass and very open feel.Finding a space here is rare so be sure and join my First to Facebook site to make sure you never miss another one!!


MERCHANDISE BUILDING LOFTS....almost never happened. It was the early 90s and this former Simpson Sears warehouse was slated for public housing. A hiccup in the market delayed the deal long enough for Cresford Developments to see the potential in this area. And what a great move! This is now the largest group of loft units in one area in all of Toronto with a total of 2 buildings built in 4 phases. Some of the most high profile & celebrity loft owners I know have called this home at some point. Always a top choice on my tours.

THE MYSTIC POINTE LOFTS. Over the last decade, I have helped more buyers start their loft fortunes here vs anywhere else. Not only is this one of the least talked about lofts by many other professionals...but its also a building with the MOST to offer for many buyers priced out of downtown Toronto. Comprised of 2 structures with 3 addresses, the 250 and 300 Manitoba St part was the site of the former LJ McGuiness Distillers...rumoured to have shipped bootleg booze to the U.S, during prohibition. Even Al Capone's name has been mentioned as a possible connection. This tour is a MUST for every loft buyer looking for a great starter loft.

THE BROADVIEW LOFTS. Quite easily THE first loft conversion of the 2000s that is worthy of my top loft category. Everyone who has called this loft home agrees that the Sorbara Group carved out the best 180 loft spaces possible from this former rexall drug warehouse. A favourite of loft lovers worldwide due to the combo of great authentic feel plus proximity to the very hot Leslieville area.

CAMDEN LOFTS. This is the "anchor" loft of the Fashion District in King West area of Toronto. Although its a man made loft, its an amazing creation for the area. Very subtle yet it truly stands out. With only 60 units and a low rise building to boot (6 storeys), you'll soon find out why many of ViP loft buyers have me contacting existing owners here to see if they are ready to move long before they hit the market.


THE CANDY FACTORY LOFTS. Arguably the most iconic loft conversion ever in Toronto. With 121 lofts set in the former cee-dee candy factory (of rockets and fizzies fame), this has become home to many of Toronto's most notable celebs and musicians. When you tour this building with me, you instantly plug in to history and learn the background stories of who has lived here and what makes this building so interesting.


FOUNDRY LOFTS. Not every loft building can define a neighbourhood. If you know the Dupont and Landsdowne area pre-2000 (as I do), it did not have any iconic addresses to mention. The Foundry lofts is now the address to have in the Junction Village. My favourite aspect of this conversion is actually the scale....with only 104 units in the complex its a key factor in keeping the appeal high to future loft owners.

WRIGLEY LOFTS in Leslieville....this IS where the 10LoftsInADay idea began. Back in the early 2000s, I was told NOT to even park my car on Carlaw Ave or I would get my windows broken. The draw of this uniquely carved loft was too much to resist. Not only has it been a long standing favourite of mine but artists & photos love the light you get in this building PLUS musicians of some note have called this home also. If you are
serious about loft living, this is the building to call home.

954 KING ST WEST in King West Village. With less than 150 unique loft spaces, this man made loft has the perfect footprint for a loft in this area. Even a quick shuffle from here to Candy Factory will show you the differences in 100 yrs of construction yet both have the IT factor. Huge ground level lofts topped with off stunning penthouses. Still remains in my top 5 of downtown lofts to this day.

TOY FACTORY LOFTS: This combination of conversion/hybrid lofts (bottom two floors are authentic) has quietly become one of the favs of the Liberty Village area. This is one of those lofts that could have sold itself but with unit names like Atari, Jenga, certainly helped. With just over 200 lofts here, the footprint is still in line with the kinds of builds this area should see more of. The larger towers going up here do not appear to have the same kind of buzz initially.

RIVERDALE LOFTS: This extremely intelligent design in the Leslieville area is one that is never on most loft buyer's radar...mostly because you need to know someone's cousins best friend to get in here :) Thanks to less than 20 units here, you can see why its one of my favs. Also, the option to live/work doesn't hurt either. Ask me about my live/work loft tours also if that's an option for you.


PRINTER'S ROW LOFTS in Riverdale: This atunning Bob Mitchell (legendary Toronto architect) conversion of a 1911 Bell Telephone building is too cool for words. The reaction from most of the clients I have helped discover this gem is that of "awe". Thanks to a regular connection with Toronto's most accomplished loft owners, if you want a space here be sure to plug into my 10LoftsInADay Buyer Wishlist program to connect directly with a posssible seller.

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