What's the connection between Century 21 and the Fibonacci sequence (DaVinci code)?

The number 21 has been famous way before the first Century 21 ever opened up but the number remains full of power.

The days leading up to a new year are actually much more important than most people think.

Having a game plan to go into a new year is actually proven to be effective.

For many years now I have told my clients (both in fitness and in real estate) of the importance of the 1st 21 days of any routine.

Whether its quitting smoking, exercise or excelling in real estate buying/selling...its takes 21 days to establish a habit that will make you successful.

In real estate, the 1st 21 days of the new year are ideal for everything from planning a new purchase to going over what is needed to get a loft ready to sell.

My 10loftsinaday program focuses on variety and is based on the premise that you must see at least 10 unique spaces before making any decision on what to buy.

Whether its working out, playing guitar, quitting smoking or real estate....use the next few days wisely to make 2010 the year your dreams come true!!

Paul Indrigo

Paul Indrigo

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