Here's How a Small Upgrade Could Earn You More $$$ When You Sell


LED's are 80% more energy efficient than Incandescent bulbs and will reduce your power bill.  When you're selling a home and provide a power usage history, a lower power bill will reflect very favourably to a potential home buyer.  

Dim lights can make the house seem smaller and less appealing, especially in the kitchen and family rooms.  Upgrading all of your light bulbs will make your house appear bigger, more inviting and may just earn you a few extra dollars with the selling price.  Showcase your home with lots of light! 


LED's are:

* Cost Effective

* Energy Saving

* Environmentally Friendly 

* Longer Lifetime

* No hazardous chemicals

Showcase your home in lots of light with this inexpensive upgrade.  Take advantage of a free program by Efficiency upgrade to LED's today! 




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