HAVE A BUYING PLAN!! Buy in 2011!!!

Tired of the rent trap....really want to set down roots...just want to have your own space....want a "HOME"...

I hear these lines frequently from people who are looking to buy a home for the first time.  Sometimes Credit issues are the challenge, maybe income levels or in many cases it just comes down to not having the downpayment!  What ever your story is ....you can write how it ends!!!

Take control of the situation...if you own the problem...you can solve it!  I have helped plenty of clients who took the time to get things right!

1:  Have a professional money person sit down with you.  Assess your situation and REMEMBER...nothing is hopeless and time cures all.  Many people feel that things will never improve so they just fall into the same trap week after week, year after year.  Make a committment to get things straightened out!

2: Be realistic in your expectations of what you can buy with what you can afford.  Know what your buying limits are and don't shop well above them...you will always compare to things you can't afford.

3: Be patient and be prepared....that combination will lead to success!!  Know what homes have sold for and get auto updates for new listings.  Don't buy when you are under pressure if at all possible....take your time!!

4: Consider getting a buyers agent...someone who knows the market, is a full time dedicated agent and they can show you all the listed homes!  Tell your story to one agent and have them help you find the right home, right price and right location!!  It's possible...I do it everyday!!

"Failure to plan is planning to fail"   I can't take credit for that one.  If 1 year from today you owned a home because of decisions you made starting today....how good would that be?

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