First...Happy New Year everyone!

Despite concerns about a downturn in the economy Provincially and to a degree locally I still maintain that 2011 will be a great year and at least match or possibly exceed last years sales!!  With an ear to the ground there is talk of some major developments locally that could have a large impact on values particularly in East Saint John....more on that in another blog but remember I posted it here!!

Shale Natural Gas Exploration is still going strong in the Sussex region and so is investment in Real estate...they don't have enough housing there!!  There's significant talk about new larger mineral finds in the Bathurst Mining Camp....big deal you say.....a strong Regional economy helps us there could be another two Camps one to the West of Saint John and one North of Fredericton that may open within a few years!!  Wind turbine investment is ramping up and the forestry industry.....a Backbone of our economy and an employer of 1000's, though hard hit in past years, appears to be making a steady recovery with investment in housing regionally along the Eastern Seabord.  I could go on an on.....the glass is half full and theres more on the way!!!

The real strength of New Brunswick and particularly Southern New Brunswick is that we are diversified!!!  We don't have all our eggs in one basket, we are sitting on untold Billions, that right Billions possibly Trillions of Natural Resources, we have a life style and environment that is sincerely second to none and our best resource, our people...friends, family and neighbors....are some of the nicest peaceful people you can ever find....and...the hardest working!!

I sincerely think that 2011 is going to be a great year and long just gets better!!  Hope you all have a happy and healthy year!! 








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