Careless Mistakes - New ME!

On August 5 early in the morning around 7:15am, I arrived the golf course, planning to have 18 holes with two friends. When I tried to get one of the golf coupons from the car cabinet, I have found out that they were all gone. About one week ago, I took my car to Toyota Don Valley to fix the car cabinet. I did not take out anything from the cabinet, including a digital measurement, two lock boxes, name cards and golf coupons. I believe that cost of those unused coupons is around $300 to $400.  I had no choice but to pay CASH for the game.

I left a message to the Service Manager as it was too early and he called me back around 10:30am saying that the coupons might be wrongly put under the cabinet on installation and asked me to take the car to the store after game. I did it around 11:30am but they could not  find anything at all.

I was so disappointed, not only the few hundred dollars but the discipline of Toyota workers. But...........but I should bear the responsibility too because I should take out those stuff inside the cabinet. It was me to create the temptation to the worker or workers. Perhaps they don't play golf but at least they know that the coupon worths some money. Why they did not take away the digital measurement? Perhaps it's too easy for people to discover that if they keep the measurement in their cars or bags etc.

I supposed to make a complaint to Toyota in writing when I first discovered that the coupons were gone early in the morning at the golf course. However, when you use your finger to point to someone, please bear in mind that there are three fingers pointing to yourself.

Life is always unpredictable!  Have to learn by mistakes! Everyday is a new page, new day! Yesterday was gone and look forward to have a new ME!

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