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I have not changed my attitude on real estate no matter I was a Sales Representative or I am a Broker now.  I do not like to see people, owners or tenants, to damage the properties or its surrounding amenities.  About two weeks ago, I went to show a condo unit at Northtown Way at North York to two clients. During the visit, a client called me to look at the Tennis Court attached with the building.  Two players were using Court A while the other Court was occupied by different people, two groups of whom were playing badminton and one other group was playing football with a small kid.

My client asked me what kind of system of the building management to allow the residents to do that.  I did not know how to say and immediately called to the front desk as it was on Saturday afternoon and the management office was closed. When I told the security about the incident, he said that he would take a look and asked me who I was.  I did tell him that I am a real estate Broker and just saw that incident with my clients so I called. 

Two hours later, I went back to the same building showing another condo unit to another clients. I found out from the balcony that those non-tennis players were still there. Again, my clients asked the same question of what the first clients did. 

I had no other way but to call to the Management Office and left my contact number with a brief message. On the following Wednesday, I've got a call from the Management office saying that she was somewhat in charge of the building amenities.  They have got my message but were too busy to call on Monday or Tuesday.  After our telephone conversation, I sent her what I promised in the phone some photos. And you know what.......

It never happened anymore.  One of my old client has been living there for a while called to tell me that he has never seen non tennis players playing in the court anymore. I believe that the Management has done something.

The value of the said condo building, other than the quality of the flat, has to include the quality of management and the current amenities / facilities.  Owners and Landlords are paying monthly maintenance fee to get things done.

Hope it won't happen again!


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