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Ever since I was qualified as a Real Estate Broker in April 2015, I have received over 8 phone calls from various Real Estate companies, asking me whether I would like to have a new working environment. Perhaps a phone call is quite easy for the senior management for recruitment but to me, it is absolutely not an easy decision at all.  I have never tried other Real Estate company ever since I have got the real estate license. Therefore I could not make any comparison of which one is better than the other one.

I do treasure to work in Century 21, King’s Quay, at least up to this moment. Two simple reasons keep my faith in this company. First one is one of the senior management of the company, who has good heart and good knowledge. He does care about the agents not only the business.  He does not want to see any agent to break the rules and regulations and ends up being penalized. Another reason for me to stay behind is that I have found good agents in this Company - good in sense of good ethics, good response and good heart. Of course, the front desk and admin/accounting colleagues of this Company have given me a lot of support too.

There is no question to say that the Company did disappoint me about 18 months ago. Good thing is that I learn a lot from those disappointments and realize whom you should talk to and whom you should forget about it.

What is going to be happened tomorrow – I have no idea! But I believe that I would keep my faith in this company unless big surprise comes.

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Peter Lai

Peter Lai

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