The Big Squeeze

There is often a discrepancy between our ideals and what we actually encounter. For instance, with raising children, we have a lot of good ideas, but sometimes it is very challenging to put together all the good ideas with the way our children really are, there at the breakfast table with food all over themselves. Or with meditation, have we noticed how difficult it is to actually feel emotions without getting totally swept away by them, or how difficult it is simply to cultivate friendliness toward ourselves when we are feeling completely miserable or panicked or caught up? There is discrepancy between our inspiration and the situation as it presents itself, the immediacy of the situation. It is the rub between those two things – the squeeze between vision and reality – that causes us to grow up, to wake up to be 100 per cent decent, alive and compassionate. The big squeeze is one of the most productive places on the spiritual path.

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Peter Lai

Peter Lai

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