Candlelight House Tour





I always look forward to this time of year. One of my most favorite activites is the Candlelight House Tour in support of the Victoria County Historical Society. Since 1990, this special Christmas event has become an important part of Holiday Celebrations in Lindsay and surrounding areas for families of the City of Kawartha Lakes.

 The tour takes place on Saturyday December 7th, from 1 - 9 pm.

It is a wonderful opportunity to visit area homes both new and old all done up in their fiestive splendor. Mu favorites are always trhe old vicotorian homes that are on tour. It takes you back to a earlier time.

This year the tour consists of 5 area homes, City Hall and the Olde Gaol Museum. Take your time and tour these wonderful homes and stop by for reception and refreshments along the way. I have always enjoyed the tour when the day turns to dusk.... that is when the candles are lit.... it isthe most  beautiful sight, especially if it is snowing.

Cost of the tickets are $15 and are availble at Graham's Florist, Hill's Florist, Kawarrtha Lakes Classic Flowers and the Country Sampler (1987) in Oakwood.  Hope you plan to attend..

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