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I read this story today on Facebook. It melted my heart. And restored some of my faith in humanity, and most of all reaffirmed for me, why I choose to live in the City of Kawartha Lakes.
Thanks to Jennie for agreeing to let me share their story!
Amelia's new ride! Quite the story behind getting her wheels!

Back in the fall we were shopping at Loblaws and this lady saw Amelia doing a little dance in front of the milk case and took a shine to her. We talked a little bit as we kept bumping into each other in the store and while checking out. She asked when our baby was coming (Matt, Jennie and big sister Amelia welcomed baby Cameron on December 20!) and told us all about her doll collection (because she had a doll named Amelia). At the time I didn't think too much of the encounter...

Apparently this lady really liked Amelia and kept going back to the store the same time/day for a few weeks hoping to meet back up with us again.
Then she began watching the birth announcements in the paper and finally saw a baby born in December with a big sister named Amelia. So then she had our name and began going through the phonebook looking for us. She found Matt's parents since we only have cellphones, but still managed to get a hold of us via them.

She had a pedal car, a doll & doll carriage and a cute mini park bench she used to display her doll Amelia with, but had just moved in with her daughter and son-law and needed to down size. After meeting us she thought Amelia would really like these things and had gone to great lengths just trying to track us down to see if Amelia would enjoy these things.

So we went on Saturday and spent part of the morning with her, one of the nicest people we've ever met! Only in a small town like Lindsay would something like this happen!
There you have it, there truly are still good people out there, who act simply out of kindness! If each one of us did just one kind thing for a stranger today, wouldn't it make your day just a little bit brighter!
Enjoy your new ride Amelia!

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