Dee Girdler's Top Ten Reasons for living in Lindsay, City of Kawartha Lakes

I'm going to borrow from Sportscentre's Top 10, rather than Letterman, because we are after all a very Canadian sports town, and deliver to you the Lindsay Top 10... reasons to live here! As a preface to this topic, the numbers are interchangeable to suit your needs, I have just placed them in the order that suited me.

10. Community spirit: From the incredible turnout of the community during the Lindsay LipDub event this past summer to the this winter's phenominal fundraising that was done over the Lindsay Unites weekend, the friendly, supportive citizens of this community know how to dig deep into their pockets or give generously of their time in order to support a good cause. From our school programs to our church and religious communities, the sense of community is strong, varied and welcoming... and nutured here!

 Lindsay Unites photo courtesty of featuring our very own Dustin, Jason and Isaac! To support Lindsay Unites go to

9. Medical facilites: The Ross Memorial Hospital manages to provide excellent health care to a very large geographic area. Concerted efforts to bring in the best medical staff and surgeons to the area has resulted in positive experiences during hospital stays for area patients. The staff are cheerful, compassionate, capable and time effective. The community is gradually bringing in more doctors to accomodate the medical needs of the area. I have been very impressed with how brief the wait times is in both the emergency departments and my doctor's office.

 Ross Memorial Hospital

8. Culture: We have it all. From local artists and artisans, to big acts coming to thrill us at The Academy Theatre or a field in Bobcaygeon... thank you, Tragically Hip, Sam Roberts, The Trews.... Our community is not your backwater town, but rather a hotbed of not only artistic talent but of enthusiastic and sophisticated patrons ready to support the arts. An of course, if it's not here in town, it's a quick 90 minute drive toToronto and only 30 minutes to Peterborough! 

 The Tragically Hip in Bobcaygeon, 2011

7. Restaurants: Whether you're in the mood for sushi, fine Italian dining, a tasty lunch or fabulous breakfast, you can find it here. Just last Friday, John and I went to The Little Schnitzel House and enjoyed a delightful authentic German dinner with exceptional service in a lovely atmosphere! The best breakfast anywhere can be found at The Durham Cafe. For an exceptional meal be it Greek or Canadian fare, be sure to go to The Olympia.
The service is exceptional, cheerful and knowledgeable. They know every item on the menu and can accomodate your individual needs. We also have a number of great pubs, and chain restaurants but for the very best wings in town and a fun atmosphere, go to Jakes!

6. Cottage, boating and the great outdoors: There is a very good reason that the Kawartha Lakes are referred to as Ontario's Playground! The City of Kawartha Lakes is aptly named because within it are 250 lakes and waterways linked together by the scenic and historic Trent-Severn Waterway.

Whether you're looking for the perfect cottage property, a dock to tie your pleasure boat to, a peaceful trail to walk or cross-country ski for hours along, or the perfect sparkling lake, be it liquid or frozen to drop your fishing line into, I can guarantee that if you can't find it here, it doesn't exist! The Trent-Severn has over 40 locks, and five of which are operated by Parks Canada with Lindsay's own Lock 33, connecting Lake Scugog via the Scugog River right through the centre of Lindsay to Sturgeon Lake. If you love the outdoor life, Lindsay and the City of Kawartha Lakes is the place for you.

5.  Fresh Air: This goes hand in hand with number 6. Lindsay has refreshing clean air and, of course, is surrounded by crystal clear lakes and streams. Outdoor sports enthusiasts, dog walkers and runners here can attest to the fact that taking a deep breath while taking a lap won't fill your lungs with carbon or smog! 

4. The sporting life: As both the life and business partner of a fella named Beukeboom, it is obvious that Lindsay has contributed well to the hockey world. John, and Jeff began their careers here among many others such as Bill Speer, Ron Ellis, the Maloney and Doyle brothers to name a few. We also have an incredibly successful rugby program here producing Canadian Men's team players Brett Beukeboom and Doug Wooldridge. We boast some remarkable swimmers, such as Nancy Sweetnam. John and I play golf at The Lindsay Golf and Country Club and during the fine weather, you can find us there many times a week. It just might be all the fresh air, farm fresh food and produce, along with a good old-fashion Canadian work ethic but this town produces exceptional athletes, and not only embraces but supports sport of all kinds.

3. No traffic. Seriously. All the culture, community, sports and restaurant life without the city traffic.The longest you will ever wait in traffic is the amount of time it takes the light to change at the corner of Kent and Angeline which I just looked out the office window here to time and it takes approximately 60 seconds. Now I don't want to totally mislead you... you MIGHT have to line up at one of our FIVE (amazing... you're always within 1km of Timmy's good coffee here) Tim Horton's for a whole 2 minutes in the early mornings before the kid's hockey practice. Regardless, if these time frames are too taxing for your patience, you probably need to either lighten up on your schedule or take your pop tarts and move to a one-horse town.

2.. Friendly people: I've mentioned this before in my blogs but it always merits another mention. If you're looking for a community where it may take an extra 20 seconds to get through Tim Horton's because the person at the cash is genuinely interested in how your day is going, this is your kind of town. If you want to see something that I LOVE about this time, take a walk on any given evening in the fine weather. People have TIME for this lovely activity because as I mentioned about, citizens of Lindsay are not waiting in stop and go traffic for up to 2 hours a day! You will see your neighbours out for a stroll, walking the dog (or as in our case, it's plural) and you stop for a chat, catch up on what's going on, and if they are a couple regardless of if they are in their 30s or 80s, they will more than likely be holding hands... Which also happens to be one of the most delightfully romantic things about Lindsay and should bear mention in my Valentine's blog for 2014! xo

 Dee and John... we're friendly AND welcoming!

AND NOW... The number ONE reason for living in Lindsay is... da da da daaaahhhhh...

1. Beautiful Homes on tree-lined streets: For AT LEAST less than half the price of their GTA counterparts, you can own a home here in Lindsay in the stunning City of Kawartha Lakes and enjoy all the reasons I have given you here today for living here. If you would rather breathe the smog while sitting in traffic, our fresh way of life here is clearly not for you. If, however, it's time for a kinder, gentler and healthy way of life here in the Kawarthas then give me a call. I can help you list your home as you prepare your GTA escape (remember, I know the GTA, I grew up there and escaped myself a scant 18 months ago) AND help you find the right home for your needs here in Lindsay and put you in touch with making the connections to schools, services, programs and sporting groups. Now... I'm just going to nip home for a bit of lunch and walk the dogs. Because I can. Because I live in Lindsay!

Dee Girdler
Century21 Pinnacle
Lindsay, Ontario

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