Help - My New Walls Are Naked!

You've bought your new place, you get all moved in and are super proud of the new digs...until you notice, all of your naked walls! 

Unless you have an outstanding art collection, you are bound to have some bare spots to fill in any new property. Fear not- even on a limited budget, you can create some clever wall art to brighten up any new space!!

Here are 5 easy ways to spruce up any wall in your home:

1) Frame Your Inpiration!

- choose a piece of fabric you love, or even a wall paper sample.

- to spruce things up even more, check out your local flea markets, or yard sales and find some unique vintage frames, add a coat of paint and VOILA! You're own custom wall art!

2) Add Texture!

- cut out circles(or any shape for that matter,) spray paint, and glue to a frame, board or the wall itself.

- Instant texture, in exactly the colour you need!

3) Play A Game.

-okay, literally, play a game. Create a Magenetic Scrabble board.

-leave it in your kitchen, and create notes for your loved ones, roommates, or any other passers thru,

Seriously- how cool is this! Use any background you like, to match your current decor!

- Find full instructions here, on The Twice Remembered Cottage Blog.

4)  Create a Photo Frame from an Old Window!

- there is nothing better to decorate your new home, than your own cherished memories!

-rummage through an old garden shed, flea market or auction for some old window frames, add your pics and mount on the wall!


5)  Design your own Canvas!

- using wooden letters, glue them to the canvas, and then paint the entire surface.

-What a great way to create neutral art, perfect for any theme!


- check out the full fabulous instructions here.

There are loads more ideas out there, but this is just a few to get your creative juices flowing! You really can fill your walls with fabulous art, on a budget, and most importantly when its custom- its exactly what you want and need for your own unique space!

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