June in Beaverton

On the east shores of Lake Simcoe is the busy little town of Beaverton, Ontario.  It has been quite refreshing this year to see so many things happening and so many residents getting involved in the town and it's future.  

Down at the Harbour you will find the Lions Club busy installing the new Splash pad which is planning to be open for the July 1st weekend.  

The Fire Department is also busy installing an Awesome Memorial Garden at the Fire Hall in memory of District Chief Tom Hawtin to be dedicated on July 1st.

 The Beaverton Chamber of Commerce held a Business Breakfast on June 7th with about 50 local business owners and residents attending.  Many things were discussed at the Breakfast however the main focus was discussion surrounding shopping locally.  President Rossie Bailie presented some very relevant factors on Shopping Locally and I think the message was well taken by all in attendance.

The month is just getting started and the Real Estate market is in full swing.  Properties are selling and new listings are coming on everyday.  If you're in the market to buy or sell, don't hesitate to reach out!  I'm never too busy for you!!

Jackie :)