Another year has passed and the team of LINDSAY UNITES organizers are well under way in preparation for another successful Alumni Event fundraiser for Jumpstart Saturday December 27th, 2014.  This is the 6th year that this dedicated group of individuals have committed their time and effort so that kids within Lindsay and surrounding areas will have the opportunity to be involved in local sports.  An opportunity that they otherwise may not be given.  Because of this great event fundraiser, many kids are participating in sports they love, learning the importance of being a team player and being respectful, working hard to do their best in their sport of choice, all while having fun. It's a thumbs up for me hands down!!!  These kids are playing sports and off the streets.  

Lindsay Unites is a full day of events involving men's basketball, women's volleyball, taking place at I.E. Weldon Secondary School in Lindsay.  And then men's hockey games being held at the Lindsay Arena.  It is a heart warming day that makes me proud to know we have such great individuals within our community, that are so willing to donate their time to the benefit of others.  Let's reward this fine group of professional individuals by attending the scheduled events and making a donation to say Thank You for your efforts.  

Viisit the official website at and see for yourself just how wonderful this group is.  I am truly proud of each and every individual.  Keep up the great work and the giving will continue.  Thank You……

It's a Great Day organized for a Great Cause!!  And as you can see, there is a lot of love being shared!!!!

SEE YOU THERE!!!!  CAN'T WAIT………...